Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Thankful for My Porch

I love this time of year. The cooler temps, orange, yellow and red tones of the leaves, the smell of the outdoors, tucking your garden and yard in for the winter and getting to spend time with your family. However, with this being said, I have a really hard time coming up with a decorating idea for my front porch. I'm thankful for my little country porch that someday, I hope, will be a bigger porch surrounded by hardy board, new windows, shingle shakes, one that I can do at least two cartwheels in and that has large squared columns . But for now I'm thankful for all my many wonderful blessings including my little porch.
To me Thanksgiving is a holiday for large family gatherings, rich elegant colors and a beautifully decorated dining table filled with delicious dishes. I have a hard time recreating an image of what the season of Thanksgiving means to me on my little porch. The two just don't seem to match up. So I'll admit I'm not so good at the Thanksgiving porch theme but I gave it a go anyways.


  1. Hey Jamie, I just came across this! So, so cute! My only complaint is that the pictures are so small! You're so talented and your crafts are so stink'n' adorable you should make your pictures as big as possible so we can view them in all their glory! Kudos.

  2. Jamie, I love your blog. I am glad you are getting into the spirit of keeping up with the Jones's. Ha ha It is so cute. I love your ideas. I need your help with my mine. To bad we don't live closer.

  3. love the wreath! you should post some pics of your tree!