Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Thankful for My Porch

I love this time of year. The cooler temps, orange, yellow and red tones of the leaves, the smell of the outdoors, tucking your garden and yard in for the winter and getting to spend time with your family. However, with this being said, I have a really hard time coming up with a decorating idea for my front porch. I'm thankful for my little country porch that someday, I hope, will be a bigger porch surrounded by hardy board, new windows, shingle shakes, one that I can do at least two cartwheels in and that has large squared columns . But for now I'm thankful for all my many wonderful blessings including my little porch.
To me Thanksgiving is a holiday for large family gatherings, rich elegant colors and a beautifully decorated dining table filled with delicious dishes. I have a hard time recreating an image of what the season of Thanksgiving means to me on my little porch. The two just don't seem to match up. So I'll admit I'm not so good at the Thanksgiving porch theme but I gave it a go anyways.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jenny's Fall Porch

My friend Jenny has a beautiful home with a huge beautiful porch. I was lucky enough to get to decorate it for the fall season. Jenny has great taste and because of this it was fun to work with her and come up with a cute porch. Everything pictured is Jenny's except for the table and I made her some wooden pumpkins. It's hard for me to jump into a project, especially when it has to do with someone else, without "pondering" and really trying to come up with something that is different but suits someone's particular style. So with some grounding pieces such as the table, pumpkins and pots all that was left to do was to "fill in" with Jenny's accessories. This is the end result. Thanks again Jenny!

After Halloween all she has to do is take down a couple of pieces and she has a porch that will last her the entire fall season.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Does It

Easy Does It is my post for all of you that say you can't make anything. Either because you don't know how or you can't come up with any ideas. My Easy Does It posts are just for you. Here are some really easy and inexpensive projects that don't take much time or effort for you to do.

This witch's broom is simply made out of one large tree limb. Then I've gathered lots of thin twigs and branches-some I've cut for size. Bundled them all together and tied them with a piece of twine.
Pillowcase Ghost is made of just that, a pillowcase. I just cut the edges and made a hanger out of wire for it to hang on.

I love using different material especially wire. The knarled wire tree is pieces of wire twisted and bent to form a spooky tree. The wire can be found almost anywhere. I got my at Cal Ranch and it was cheap and comes in a huge roll.

I made these wooden candy corn forever ago. They are just scrap pieces of wood that were left over from another project. Then I just went and bought some tole paint from Walmart for a dollar or two a bottle and had at it. I think the older they get the better they look and they bring a nice pop to the porch.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Porches Decor

I thought since it is just 2 days before Halloween that I'd better post about Hallow's Eve and quick! One of the many things that is on My Bucket List is I want to possibly make a living in the craft/decorating business. I'm big into decorating my porch. It looks different every month. That's just how I work and yes I'm kind of a freak about it. I figure that if my house looks good on the outside people will think it looks equally as good on the inside. To me this is a good thing because most the time my house looks like, as my friend MC would say, its been robbed. I want to be able to do this for other people while hopefully make a living doing something that I love. Like I said before everyone has talents and some people don't have the time, energy, money or knack for decorating their home or porch whenever the notion comes to mind.
I want to be able to go to someone's home and decorate their space using their decor to create something that is them. Then if needed I can make or we can buy whatever we need to complete the project. This makes a final result that is customized to your tastes and saves money and looks incredible! Here's some pics of Halloween Porches. Enjoy!

In The Beginning....

So I guess here goes. With lots of encouragement from family and friends I have been sucked into the world of blogging. I don't know why I resisted so long. I'm constantly checking out other people's blogs, but swore I'd never cave into it. So I caved.
I do have a purpose in this blogging craziness and that is to share what I love to do and that is to create and decorate. Everyone has a talent or a fancy for what they like to do. Whether that's singing, cooking, speaking, sewing, etc but I love to make crafts. I'm not saying I'm the best crafter out there but I love to create things and then decorate with the things I've made. It just makes me happy. I've been trying to put my skills to use for the last 2 years. Actually making the time to go out in the shop and try to come up with something that I would want let alone what someone else might . So this blog is going to be my creative outlet. You can take it or leave it. I hope that you will take it and maybe find something that you can enjoy or could use from it.